Lawn On Order provides the complete range of lawn care and lawn maintenance services. Our recommendations depend on the state of your lawn, and pricing can be offered either per job, per treatment programme or as part of a regular scheduled lawn mowing service.

Programmed care such as appropriate feeding and mulching for the season can be provided ,in addition to reactive treatments for any pest and disease problems.

Other lawn care services Lawn On Order offer include:

Applying spring fertiliser to ensure healthy grass growth, and applying autumn fertilisers to strengthen grass roots. Wetting agents may also be applied during the summer to maintain the colour and heath of your lawn during hot dry periods.

Top dressing fills minor dips and hollows in your lawn to build up an ideal soil layer for healthier lawns. 

Overseeding is occasionally required to infill barren or worn areas. Weeds are eradicated by treatment with safe herbicides followed by spot weeding as necessary. 

Scarifying is used to remove patches of dead moss in late spring/summer, and to remove thatch infestations and debris from your lawn in early autumn.

Aerating is carried out by forking small holes into the lawn to allow air and water to penetrate the surface more easily to ensure healthier grass growth.

Whatever your lawn’s requirements, you can trust Lawn On Order to provide experienced advice on what’s necessary to maintain and improve the beauty of your lawn.

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Lawn On Order provide a comprehensive range of garden timber and wood work services, from fences and trellising, decking, sheds, summer houses and furniture renovation.



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