With water restrictions and high utility bills, it can be hard to maintain a beautiful green lawn. Using synthetic grass to create an artificial lawn is an environmentally friendly solution to the problem. No water, fertilizer or mowing is required to maintain an artificial lawn. Maintaining a natural lawn is a substantial commitment for those juggling family and a full time job. Synthetic lawns save you valuable time and money spent on water, mowers and fertilizers.

Today’s modern materials have enabled manufacture of artificial lawns that look and feel completely authentic. They are ideal for around pool areas, children’s areas and used in sloping areas they help avoid erosion, or used as a replacement for a complete lawn.

Synthetic lawn is also extremely hardwearing; it can cope with varying weather conditions from extreme heat, to rain, snow and wind. Taking into account all these factors, it makes this type of lawn appealing to all households, childcare centres and other public areas. 

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It’s affordable, water wise and no chemicals are required for maintenance, and can be installed in hard-to-grow areas such as under trees, against walls and fences and in high traffic, water-logged or shady areas. Artificial grass is as porous as natural turf, avoiding run-off issues. 

Although initial costs are more expensive than authentic lawn, artificial grass is a one-time cost and comes with a guarantee and considerable life span. 

Artificial grass is also fantastic for those people living with allergies, allowing them to spend as much time in the garden as they wish. Synthetic turf ensures you of a hassle free, pet and child friendly lawn all year round.

Even with today's gardening technology, there will always be areas of your garden where synthetic grass really is the only sensible option. Let Lawn On Order visit your premises and provide a free no-obligation quote on installing one of the many varieties of hardwearing, long life, non-natural lawns we offer.

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