Designing a garden is very much like interior house design - you need first to decide how you want to use it. Do you want an outside space for the whole family or a secluded haven for escape and relaxation? Do you enjoy pottering in your garden, or would you prefer a maintenance free installation? 

It is very important to consider all the uses to which the garden will be put before any work starts because, as you might imagine, mistakes are often difficult and expensive to rectify afterwards. 

Whatever your desires, the solution is the same - you will need professional help and advice on styles, techniques, current materials, planting schemes, and of course, the costs involved. That's where Lawn On Order come in.

Your revamped garden will have a unique identity of its own, reflecting your personal vision, bringing life to your imaginings. What style do you want the garden to reflect? Possibilities include modern, cottage, romantic, classical, Victorian, art deco or potager. 

Regardless of your chosen style and the materials used, good design starts with your house, and should be conceived as part of a single scheme in accord with the surroundings.

Two other major elements to consider in the initial plan are subsequent professional aftercare, and of course, your budget. Whether you intend to place the aftercare with us or undertake the work yourself, you should take this into account when laying out your plans. In regard to budget, you will need to discuss with us the figure you wish to spend on your project in order that we may design a landscape that sensibly fits in with the funding available.

Even if you intend the garden to be constructed or planted in stages, you should start with an overall garden plan to avoid mistakes. Large projects should always be conceived as a single design and if funding is not available for the entire garden at once, then we will discuss how the project can be undertaken in phases to facilitate harmony and consistency in the final result. 

Plants should be the main focus of your design, and planting schemes are generally a far more economical method of re-design than major construction works. Our experienced plantsman can advise you on the suitability and performance of specific plantings.

Lawn On Order can also advise on and implement 'slow water' landscaping, where porous materials like lawns, flower beds, and gravel are used rather than hard surfaces which cause water to run off into storm drains, potentially causing flooding and issues with the natural water table.

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