Water is an absolutely essential element in every garden, and especially during dry and hot weather, your plants will require regular and frequent hydration. 

A professionally installed irrigation system is key to achieving a lush, healthy-looking and flourishing garden, allowing plants to thrive under trees, in pots and on windowsills. 

Lawn On Order can design and provide bespoke irrigation systems for your lawn, borders,  flower beds, pots, hanging baskets and even hedges, tailored to your garden’s unique requirements. 

With our professionally installed systems, there is no wastage or run-off as the water is directed towards the plant roots. 

Fully automated irrigation schemes require little or no supervision and can also conserve large quantities of water when compared to the alternatives of watering by standard hose or by sprinkler, saving you utility costs and helping the environment.

Lawn On Order’s irrigation systems may cost less than you think and a simple porous hose watering system can prevent the need to replace plants of considerable value every year. We can also provide fully automated and computerised systems with tanks, mini-spray, drips and pop-ups controlled by soil moisture sensors. Household waste water pipes can be routed into an irrigation storage tank for maximum water conservation.

These systems will require decommissioning during the winter months and commissioning for the summer, and Lawn On Order can provide this on a contract basis. These systems also occasionally require repair, due to damage caused by wildlife and blockages caused by soil movement and we offer an affordable repair service too.

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Drainage is also important in any domestic garden, for lawns, plants and use of the garden itself. Lawn On Order can provide solutions for draining waterlogged ground even during the wettest of seasons, from a simple French drain to an automated sump, pumped into your storage tank. 

Slow Water 

The increasing use of tarmac and concrete in our environment has led to the serious issue of flooding in recent years, with rain water running off into storm drains instead of being retained by the ground or recycled.

Water conservation has become a major issue, and the ‘slow water’ enabling of your garden is now a big consideration. 

Lawn On Order can provide help and advice to harvest rainwater for garden irrigation and other methods of loss prevention and increased water retention, which can reduce costs for home owners and benefit the environment as a whole.

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Really pleased with my Mum's garden, you have made a real difference to her.

- Rita, Southend-on-Sea