Lawn On Order provides quality landscape design, landscape construction and all other garden maintenance services. Our passion is to create stunning outdoor living spaces that are sustainable with the living environment by which it is surrounded.

But what is landscaping? It could be the addition of tree or a retaining wall, a new flower bed, a change of paving or even simply a coat of paint.

Sometimes only a small adjustment is needed to re-vamp your outdoor space and bring it back to life, or it could be a complete garden redesign and construction project.

Garden landscaping today requires a wide range of specific skills and we believe experience is essential to successfully carry out these jobs. Gardens can be ruined by allowing tradesman to take such projects without the specific experience of landscaping materials and their proper installation. 

At Lawn On Order we have accrued and honed the experience to have successfully undertaken a great many projects throughout Essex and the south east. Our creative and professional approach to landscape design and construction by fully qualified technicians allows the most complicated of multi-task projects to be performed efficiently and to the highest of standards.

Landscaping must involve more than just beauty. If does not serve you and the way you wish to live, it fails. Truly creative landscape design marries form and function; beauty and usability.

Landscaping involves choices. Choices like value, quality and professionalism. You the customer, seek the best products and quality tradesman ship for your money spent. Lawn On Order use only the finest plants and materials and everything we do is guaranteed. 

Our soft landscaping services include total garden rejuvenation, improvements to high traffic areas, re-vamping of neglected areas, accented garden beds and designer planting.

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We can also supply and install plants for your window boxes, hanging baskets and garden pots of all sizes and shapes.

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Wood & Timber Work

Lawn On Order provide a comprehensive range of garden timber and wood work services, from fences and trellising, decking, sheds, summer houses and furniture renovation.



Very pleased with my new lawn, I'd best start saving for the patio !

- Peter and Rose, Ashford, Kent